2/28/20 5:09 PM:
Thanks for submitting additional information through e-mail. Hence, we could provide an update (see Download page / Release Notes).

12/23/19 5:38 PM:
Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the bug. It would be great, if you e-mail more information (screenshot, system, description of your steps) to the support@frankhissen.de

12/23/19 3:34 PM:
Folder/File cut&paste/move bug with Autosync.
Cutting&Pasting/Moving a Source Folder which contains Files to a new location, results in the Encrypted Folder without any Files, (only File ".x"is retained).
Autosync does not sync missing Files over time.
Doing a Manual Sync then syncs the missing Files.

2/3/18 10:52 AM:
Can you please contact us via e-mail to support@frankhissen.de with more details? The problem is new to us. Thx.

2/3/18 9:01 AM:
There is a serious javaw.exe memory leak with 64bit Crococryptmirror on Windows 7. I like the program, but after leaving the program open in the background with several containers auto-syncing, java bloats from 100MB to 1.2-1.3GB, forcing me to shut down the program to recover the memory. Is there any way I can fix this or do you plan to do this in a future version? Thanks

1/17/18 7:22 AM:
The scan result clearly says:
Detection ratio: 0 / 46

Where is the problem?

1/16/18 11:30 PM:
Below are link for scan result from VirusTotal.


There is virus or malware on it.

9/30/16 8:31 PM:
Thanks for your information. We would love to investigate on this issue, but this would require your help. Could you contact us through e-mail?

In the meantime, you could try the following:
- Start a Windows command console (cmd.exe), type...
1: cd "\Program Files\Crococrypt\lib
2: runtime\bin\java -jar cmirror.jar
- CrococryptMirror should start and you should see error messages when syncing fails

Could there be 0-byte-files in the encrypted container?

9/30/16 4:35 PM:
After some time, the container sync gets somehow corrupted. Some files won't sync, even on a manual sync. This needs to wipe and create again the container. As I sync to google drive, this is really a pain to reset +10Gb of data every few weeks

Anyway to provide logs or force a resync of some file ?

9/15/16 9:59 PM:
Please, give option for users who wish it to use a strong pass! Having to enter it on every boot is a dead break for me to use your app. We really need option to save password. Most use of this tool is to sync data to online storage. Data is thus decrypted somewhere locally. If some one can hack the key, it means he could simply get the decrypted data, which is much easier. A strong key is needed to avoid the online storage data from being hacked rather then to secure local data

For portable version, you could disable password save, but at least give the option for local installs.

Other than this, your soft is far better than the only alternative: Cryptsync

7/30/16 7:23 PM:
Just use the "decrypt" button next to your container or the Explorer-View to copy individual files. Decrypting a whole container is faster using the decrypt button.

If you need more information, just contact me directly for more instructions.

7/30/16 6:57 PM:
Can you show me how to manually decrypt those files and folders? Thank you.

7/30/16 10:21 AM:
You can decrypt the folder, yes. However, keeping two different computers in sync is not a feature of CrococryptMirror because there is no conflict management. CrococryptMirror would simply override changed files. The latests always wins.

Also: Decryption is a manual process (no decrypt syncing!). CrococryptMirror is an encrypted backup mirror (one direction sync).

7/30/16 9:02 AM:
I encrypt a folder using CrococryptMirror, then upload to cloud storage. From another computer, I need to download the encrypted folder, then decrypt/sync. Is this possible?

5/14/16 7:51 PM:
Yes, there is no possibility to store the password (yet). This has been requested before. I have to consider this but as you can imagine, such a feature has significant security issues.

5/14/16 7:17 PM:
Thanks for your prompt reply. I have added the shortcut to my startup folder but I still have to log in then minimize the application on every reboot. Is there a way around that?

I really like your application so far, this is only a small issue I can live with but ultimately it would be great if it were possible.

5/14/16 5:49 PM:
When you use the setup version, you can choose to use the auto sync service which puts CM into the startup folder of Windows. You can easily re-install it to do that. Or you put it into startup manually...
If you do not auto-sync you can of course always sync manually, hence, all data is in-sync again.

5/14/16 4:14 PM:
How can I run it as a windows service so it always boots up with windows and logs in?... If I forget to run it then my backup is not synced.