4/8/18 1:32 PM:
single global password/multiple passphrases (or something that will make encrypting hundreds of different folders/files easier). This will save typing the password every time a new encryption is requested. Thank you for everything you do!

4/2/18 9:36 PM:
That is on the list, surely not really 'secure'. However, using the command-line options, you already can provide a static password...

4/2/18 7:57 PM:
Saving encryption password locally like in AxCrypt.

6/6/17 6:39 PM:
Java is just embedded. It won't be installed system-wide if you use the full-installer. But we give you control over the JRE if you wish to handle it yourself (that is what the app-installer is for).

Bare in mind, a lot of applications use Java without you knowing it.

6/6/17 4:14 PM:
Java for CrococryptFile?
Than no thank you.

5/22/17 10:43 PM:
Automatic secure wiping of source file(s).

5/18/17 6:58 PM:
Android: Well, yes. However, maintaining free & open-source apps without support by the user community takes time...

5/18/17 4:35 PM:
any chances of support in Android environment?

4/15/16 2:28 PM:

10/1/15 6:30 PM:
There is already a German version, just use the installer to choose a language!

General language support is already possible, but we only know German and English. ;)

10/1/15 2:40 PM:
Hi, what about lang support; i.e. german language for CrococryptFile ?

7/6/15 9:22 AM:
Could you add support for GnuPG compatible files?